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Dear Friends of Finca La Mula!

Coffee Review recently reviewed a small batch of La Mula washed Geisha, produced in April 2014 and roasted in February 2015 by my friends from JBC Coffee Roasters.

Ken Davids wrote: “A splendid, over-the-top, almost hallucinatory version of the great Gesha profile” and the panel rewarded the flavor profile with 96 points, an exceptional score, especially given the timing of the production of these beans.

I would like to recognize the wonderful work of our farm manager Kelly Hartmann and the roasting skills of Michael Johnson and Adam Walsh from JBC Coffee. Here is the report: http://www.coffeereview.com/review/finca-la-mula-panama/

If you’re interested to savor our beloved La Mula, don’t hesitate to order the coffee online or through one of our resellers in Asia, Europe or the USA.

Regards, Willem Boot



About the Author:

Willem Boot
Lives coffee since his childhood. He is the owner of Boot Coffee, the organization which initiated this project. Willem is the proud owner of Finca La Mula, his Geisha coffee farm near the Boquete Valley of Panama.

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  1. Neil G June 20, 2015 at 6:43 am - Reply

    Hey just wanted to say I love your blog and will be following closely in the future. Well done!

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