Giesen Coffee Roasters
BootCamp Coffee: Online Courses for Coffee Professionals
Boot Koffie in the Netherlands
Gesha Village Estate (the beautiful farm I helped develop in Ethiopia)
David Schomer’s Espresso Vivace
Specialty Coffee Association of America
Kona Coffee Purveyors – Honolulu, HI
Linea Caffe – San Francisco, CA
Coffee, The Bean, The Brew & Beyond (very cool site about the essential facets of coffee)


Boot Coffee roasting log sheet – Download
Boot Coffee cupping sheet (english) – Download
Boot Coffee cupping sheet (spanish) – Download
Taster’s Glossary – Download


The Naked Bean
Rocking The Cradle Of Coffee
Get It Right The First Time
Lighten Up
Reflections On The Roasting Fundamentals
Roasting The First Time
The Struggle With Sample Roasting
Variety Is The Spice Of Coffee
The Buzz On Roasting Decaf
Cupping For Flavor Vs. Defects
Fruity, Fermented And Everything In Between, How Coffee Processing Affects Your Cup
Wet, Dry And Everything In Between, How Coffee Processing Affects Your Cup
Exploring the Holy Grail, Geisha Coffee 10 Years On (2013)
Finca La Mula – Article in Fresh Cup Magazine (2014)
The Journey Of One Man Trying To Save Yemeni Coffee (2015)

Reports & Manuals

Buying and Import Guide for Ethiopian Coffee (2011 – Willem Boot and Daniel Humphries)
Comprehensive report about Yemen (2013 – Camilo Sanchez and Willem Boot)
Coffee Farming Manual: From Conventional to Organic (2010 – Oscar Gómez – CRS / Fundesryam)
Coffee Processing Manual for “Denominación de Origen” Coffees (2010 – IICA / Promecafe)
Coffee Exporter’s Guide (2012 – 3rd edition – ITC)
Roaster’s Guide for La Mula Geisha – (2013 – Willem Boot)


Enjoying La Mula Geisha: Tips for Brewing and Presenting La Mula Geisha Coffee
Hand To Hand: The Mesmerizing World Of Coffee
Aeropress Video (cool video editing – by Valerian Hrala)
Aeropress Video (by Jarda Tucek)
Chemex Preparation (by Valerian Hrala)
Aman Cooperative, Bech Maji, Ethiopia
Many more videos available at our site for online courses: