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Boot Coffee Team Members

Willem Boot
Willem BootCEO / Lead Consultant

Coffee captured me at a very early age. Since I was 14 years old I have worked as a roaster, cupper, roastery owner and in 1998 I founded Boot Coffee. My mission: advising roasting companies and coffee producers on quality improvement strategies. Over the years we developed an impressive portfolio of clients, from super-quality specialty start-ups to renowned coffee producing countries. My passion: the Geisha coffee farms I started in Panama and Ethiopia and my quest to find the mother-source of Geisha in Ethiopia. My pride: winning first place at the prestigious Best of Panama coffee competition with my natural process geisha from Finca La Mula (2014) and the washed process geisha from our Finca Sophia (2017).

Marcus Young
Marcus YoungCampus Director and Senior Consultant
My love of coffee began as a teenager while spending nights in coffee shops socializing and tasting coffee with friends. 18 years ago I became hooked on coffee. While working on a masters degree in education I also developed a passion for training. I have shared my experience as an SCA Certified Instructor, author of various coffee industry publications, I lectured about coffee, and volunteered as a world barista competition judge. My passion for tasting led me to earn my Q license, work as a barista, coffee importer and finally as a quality advisor helping Rwandan farmers bring their specialty coffee to market. I co-founded a micro-roastery, have sourced green coffees, and developed blends for major roasting companies.
Rosie Laird
Rosie LairdBarista Trainer | Product Development
I graduated from the University of California, Davis with a B.S. in International Agricultural Development. My studies focused on plant science, soil science, and community development. My coffee career started at an early age working as a retail manager, lead barista and roasting specialist with companies like Verve and AKA Coffee. During my studies, I completed an internship at Finca Tamana and Finca El Suelo, El Pital, Colombia, working on soil reconstruction, compost building and studying the overall farm management. At Boot Coffee, I am responsible for product development and barista training programs. My passion is the education of aspiring coffee professionals and the creation of extraordinary profiles. I am fluent in Spanish.
Kelly Hartmann
Kelly HartmannCoffee Farming Specialist
I started working at my family’s coffee farm (Finca Hartmann) at the age of 16. Since 2008, I have been working with Boot Coffee in Panama, managing the award winning Geisha farms Finca Sophia, Finca La Mula and the newly planted Finca La Cabra. In Panama I supervise a team of nine Ngobe-Bugle indigenous workers and a larger team of seasonal employees. I take personal pride in motivating my staff to take meticulous care of our precious Geisha trees. Farming at ultra high elevations (1700 to 2100 meters) is a challenging task, which -in the end- is rewarded through the quality in the cup. Over the years I developed a unique specialization in the cultivation of Geisha trees. My career highlights: winning the ultra challenging Best of Panama Competition with the natural process Finca La Mula in 2014 and the washed process Finca Sophia in 2017.
Valerian Hrala
Valerian HralaeLearning / Media Consultant
I am originally from Central Europe where I studied political science and worked with human rights in Slovakia and the former Yugoslavia. In 2001 I started Green Plantation Coffee, offering single origin coffee in Slovakia. For more than 10 years I have been working, living and writing about coffee. With the Boot team I developed the first online coffee education project bootcampcoffee.com
Kees Kraakman
Kees KraakmanEuropean Lead Trainer
I started my coffee career at a young age. My initial coffee mentor was Jacob Boot, father of Willem Boot, who taught me about cupping and roasting techniques. For 11 years I have worked for The Golden Coffee Box, a small coffee importer and coffee roastery owned by Barend Boot (Willem’s brother). Over the past years I have worked as a trainer and consultant with roasting companies and upscale cafés throughout Europe. In 2017, I co-founded Café Keppler, a roastery café and and restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam.