Willem’s September Coffee Adventure

Willem and staff at Finca Sophia

Our beautiful Geisha trees at Finca Sophia.


Willem in Paraiso with some locals

Willem with some of the best tour guides.


Staff in a under construction building

Building housing for visitors and workers at Finca La Cabra. Will feature a cupping room!


Staff traveling through Finca La Mula

Adventuring through Finca La Mula.


Finca Manager, Kelly Hartmannstanding on a log

Finca La Mula, La Cabra, and Sophia’s manager, Kelly Hartmann. He has been with us since 2009.


Willem with staff standing around a coffee tree.

Willem at Finca La Cabra. Getting ready for their first harvest.

Mural with three faces

Street art can be found in Paraiso, Colombia.


Murals of people drinking, reading and playing music

The people of Paraiso express their struggles via murals.


Mural of a woman surrounded by flowers and birds

Mural of a woman looking for hope.


A view of city.

Bogota, the capital of Colombia is a huge city, with a population of over 10 million.


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