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About Willem Boot

Lives coffee since his childhood. He is the owner of Boot Coffee, the organization which initiated this project. Willem is the proud owner of Finca La Mula, his Geisha coffee farm near the Boquete Valley of Panama.

Research on Ethiopian Wild Forest Coffee

For centuries, communities in South and West Ethiopia have collected wild-growing forest coffee. It is estimated that more than 10% of Ethiopia’s coffee export originates from coffee forests, however relatively little is known about the quality potential. The forests [...]

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Ege Akyüz Wins Turkey National Brewers Cup with La Mula Washed!

Ege Akyüz Wins Turkey National Brewers Cup with La Mula Washed! Ege Akyüz proudly presents the trophy she received after winning the National Brewers Cup of Turkey on October 25, 2015 at the Istanbul Coffee Festival. Ege works for Punctum [...]

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Coffee Review Awards La Mula 97 Points

Wow!!! Coffee Review awards our maceration washed La Mula a record breaking 97 points!! This coffee left judges in Panama dazzled and our farm was expelled from their competition. Thanks to the roasting skills of JBC Coffee Roasters, La [...]

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Five Tips for Public Coffee Tastings

For a fresh infusion of new customers to your cafe, try public tastings. The excitement of a new coffee offering, especially one that the customer can sample for free right beside your other offerings, will bring new interest to [...]

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