Research on Ethiopian Wild Forest Coffee

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For centuries, communities in South and West Ethiopia have collected wild-growing forest coffee. It is estimated that more than 10% of Ethiopia’s coffee export originates from coffee forests, however relatively little is known about the quality potential. The forests in which wild coffee grows are under threat. In the last 40 years, smallholder and [...]

Epic Roasting Session At Roasters Guild 2016

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I just returned from the annual Roaster Guild conference, which was held this year in the heart of the one-and-only cheese state of the USA: Wisconsin. This year's RG conference included a team challenge which required each team to reproduce a drip coffee blend. To replicate the blend, the teams could select up to six coffee [...]


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We are excited about the grand opening of our brand new SCAA certified training center and coffee laboratory on September 1, 2016. At Boot Coffee Campus we teach a great variety of courses, from the entire SCAA Pathway curriculum and the traditional Boot Coffee roasting courses, to SCAE Intermediate Roasting and the international  program taught [...]


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April 10, 2016 - San Rafael, CA BOOT COFFEE CAMPUS TO OPEN DOORS IN MAY 2016 Marcus Young Joining Boot Coffee Team Willem Boot announces the launch of BOOT COFFEE CAMPUS. "For years, the team at Boot Coffee has passionately trained coffee professionals from around the world. Boot Coffee Campus is our newest venture: a [...]

Ege Akyüz Wins Turkey National Brewers Cup with La Mula Washed!

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Ege Akyüz Wins Turkey National Brewers Cup with La Mula Washed! Ege Akyüz proudly presents the trophy she received after winning the National Brewers Cup of Turkey on October 25, 2015 at the Istanbul Coffee Festival. Ege works for Punctum Coffee Roasters, a small micro-roastery in Izmir, owned by her father Cemil Akyüz who also roasted [...]

Despite Third Wave, Same Old Poverty For Farmers

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This morning while sipping a cup of delicious single origin coffee, I was struck by an article in El Economista, a major economic online newspaper in Mexico. According to a recent study performed in Mexico, at least 48% of the population in 10 major coffee producing municipalities in Mexico lives in poverty. Deep in the [...]

Coffee Review Awards La Mula 97 Points

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Wow!!! Coffee Review awards our maceration washed La Mula a record breaking 97 points!! This coffee left judges in Panama dazzled and our farm was expelled from their competition. Thanks to the roasting skills of JBC Coffee Roasters, La Mula is available for discerning consumers in the USA and beyond. It doesn't happen often, but [...]

Hallucinatory La Mula

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Dear Friends of Finca La Mula! Coffee Review recently reviewed a small batch of La Mula washed Geisha, produced in April 2014 and roasted in February 2015 by my friends from JBC Coffee Roasters. Ken Davids wrote: "A splendid, over-the-top, almost hallucinatory version of the great Gesha profile” and the panel rewarded the flavor profile with 96 [...]

Five Tips for Public Coffee Tastings

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  Five Tips for Public Coffee Tastings For a fresh infusion of new customers to your cafe, try public tastings. The excitement of a new coffee offering, especially one that the customer can sample for free right beside your other offerings, will bring new interest to your business. Geisha tasting at BREW 5 Points [...]

The Evolution of Specialty “Kahve” in Turkey

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When I first visited Istanbul in 1999 “coffee” (or kahve) meant Turkish Coffee. The two were synonymous. You could find filter coffee in a few hotels and restaurants that catered to business travelers and expats, but that’s it. After visiting the city last week, it’s clear that things are rapidly changing. [...]