Get your coffee evaluated by professional q graders

Professional green coffee EVALUATION AND SCORING

Looking for the most detailed green coffee evaluation service? 

Green coffee evaluation is an essential part of the coffee production process that ensures the quality and consistency of unroasted coffee beans. At Boot Coffee, we offer a comprehensive Green Coffee Analysis service that includes visual inspection of the beans for defects, assessment of their size, shape, color, and aroma, and analysis of their moisture content and density.

Our team of experienced professionals -- certified and calibrated Q graders uses Specialty Coffee Association established evaluation protocols and tasting techniques to grade the coffee and provide valuable feedback to growers and importers. We work with coffee producers and exporters from around the world to ensure that only the highest quality beans are selected for roasting and brewing.

Our Green Coffee Analysis service is ideal for coffee roasters, buyers, and coffee producers who are determined understanding the quality fo their green coffee beans. By analyzing the beans for defects and assessing their characteristics, we can help you make informed decisions about which beans to purchase and how to roast them for optimal flavor and aroma.

One of the key components of our Green Coffee Analysis service is Q certification of green coffee. This certification is awarded to coffee beans that meet the highest standards for quality and consistency. Q certified coffee beans are evaluated by a licensed Q grader, who is trained to identify the subtle differences in flavor and aroma that distinguish a high-quality coffee bean from an average one.

When you choose Boot Coffee's Green Coffee Analysis service, you can rest assured that you are getting Q certified coffee beans that meet the highest standards for quality and consistency. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and work tirelessly to ensure that every batch of coffee beans meets our exacting standards.

We offer volume discounts as follows:

1-6 Samples … $160,- / sample

7+ ¬†Samples … $125,- / sample

The price includes roasting the coffee to the SCA cupping color, and evaluation of 5 cups per sample. The report is generated via Cropster Cup.


For only $30 more / sample we will create a Tastify report for you. Tastify is our favorite tool to communicate flavor profile of coffee for everyone. 

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