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Boot Coffee was established in 1998 by Willem Boot, an internationally recognized specialty coffee industry expert who was born and raised in The Netherlands. During his impressive career in the international coffee industry, Willem developed a unique specialization in programs that focus on quality improvement and international marketing.

Willem Boot owned a specialty roasting company in The Netherlands, he was a head judge in the Cup of Excellence, a senior consultant in international development programs and he became an award winning Geisha farmer in Panama. Prime areas of expertise include: supply chain optimization, sensory evaluation, product development, creating cutting edge business plans and building coffee roasting facilities.

Over the years, Boot Coffee has consulted hundreds of clients all over the world, from roasting companies and retailers, to exporters, governments and NGO’s seeking specific expertise for international programs. Boot Coffee consists of a small team of coffee specialists with different qualifications and focus areas.

International Market Research

The economic and environmental landscape is changing faster than ever. Companies in the global coffee industry are confronted with shifting market conditions; they are often playing catch-up to be able to meet customer demands to develop and maintain a solid positioning for their coffee products.

This situation is specifically prevalent in the world of coffee producers and exporters. In order to meet the changing requirements of North American and European consumers, roasting companies worldwide have been pursuing -more than ever- an enhanced level of traceability of their entire product portfolio, requiring a suitable re-engineering of their entire coffee supplychain.

Boot Coffee has developed a unique methodology to perform customized market research for internationally operating coffee organizations; from governments of coffee producing countries to exporters and producer associations; from NGO’s to development banks who advise their clients on major strategic pathways.

Are you looking at strengthening the positioning and economic performance of your coffee portfolio? We can help you develop the necessary marketing intelligence, which is the key to developing a long term plan for sustained success.

Past Projects

Past clients include:

CBI (The Netherlands) and governments of Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua; Boot Coffee was hired for an extensive market survey, analyzing the positioning of these countries in the international specialty coffee markets. We also participated in the development of strategic recommendations for the coffee sectors in these countries.

InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB); we performed a strategic review of the positioning of Central American coffee producing countries.

USAID & Government of Ethiopia; our in depth research focused on the export market performance of Ethiopia’s coffee sector.

USAID & Government of Yemen; we collaborated in an extensive market research and strategic analysis to identify the opportunities for Yemen’s coffee sector.

Conservation International; Boot Coffee was contracted to analyze the international positioning of the Peruvian coffee sector to identify the opportunities for cooperatives in the Alto Mayo Bioreserve Forest.

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International Programs

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Boot Coffee can be your partner in designing effective development programs that aim at creating quality improvement and strengthening the positioning of a coffee producing country or region. Over the years, we created lasting success in various countries.

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