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Roasted coffee EVALUATION AND analysis

Welcome to our premier Roasted Coffee Analysis Service, where we utilize the expertise of specialized sensory coffee experts and Q Graders, along with cutting-edge technology, to evaluate the quality, aroma, taste, and consistency of your roasted coffee beans.

Our comprehensive analysis combines both sensory evaluation and physical analysis. Our coffee experts use their senses of taste, smell, and sight to assess the aroma, flavor, acidity, sweetness, body, and aftertaste of your coffee samples. They also examine the appearance of the roasted beans, including their color, size, and shape, to ensure the highest standards are met.

Through this process, we provide valuable insights into the quality, freshness, and consistency of your roasted coffee, enabling coffee roasters and producers to meet desired quality standards and identify areas for improvement. Our service is also ideal for coffee shops and retailers looking to select the best coffee beans to serve to their customers, differentiating their offerings from competitors.

With our Roasted Coffee Analysis Service, you can be confident that you are utilizing an essential tool to ensure the quality and consistency of your coffee, ultimately improving the taste and satisfaction of your customers.

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Cost of sample evaluation $

We will provide

  • Cupping notes
  • Cupping score
  • Flavor Profile
  • Agtron reading of whole bean and ground coffee

The price includes roasting the coffee to the SCA cupping color, and evaluation of 3 cups per sample. The report is generated via Cropster Cup.

Cost for Tastify Reports $


Tastify is our favorite tool to communicate flavor profile of coffee. We can generate this report for you.

The prices are per sample basis.

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