What’s Next for Panama?

Most coffee professionals agree that Panama produces some of the finest coffee on this planet. The heralded Panama geisha continues to break quality and price records. This coffee variety stole my heart during the Best of Panama 2004. Since then I founded and co-started three Panamanian mini-estates: Finca La Mula (2006), Finca Sophia (2010) and Finca La Cabra (2017). A growing number of coffee producers around the world has been planting the variety and as a result, specialty roasters and retailers experience a staggering supply of geisha coffee. How can Panama geisha maintain its unique positioning and quality status? In my opinion, the answer lies in the extraordinary terroir of Panama. Allowing the terroir to express itself through the flavor profiles of Panama geisha; that’s how Panama can maintain its competitive edge. I asked Philippe Armenier, a highly accomplished wine grower and biodynamic farming specialist, about his impressions after his latest visit to Panama in May 2019. Here are 3 short videos with Spanish subtitles.

Who is Philippe Armenier?

What is biodynamic farming?

How should Panama move forward?

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