Traveling this Holiday Season? Brew in Style

Traveling this Holiday Season? Brew in Style


I don’t know about you, but I have had one too many under-extracted, terrible coffees while on the road.  Even before I started working for Boot Coffee, I was traveling with my own coffee kit so that I could enjoy freshly brewed coffee that was properly extracted.  My travel coffee kit has changed over the years, but the main players remain the same:  a hand grinder, a brewing device, an electric kettle, a scale and freshly roasted coffee.  Below are two travel coffee kits from our Team:  Mine and Willem’s.  Willem’s kit contains more higher-end items, while mine is more light-weight and budget friendly.

Tell us what your travel coffee kit contains!

Here is my current travel coffee kit:

1.  Hario Slim Mill Hand Grinder

2.  Aero Press

3.  AWS Scale

4.  Bona Vita Travel Kettle

5.  Ethiopia Honey Koke roasted coffee beans

Here is Willem’s current travel coffee kit:

1.  Zassenhaus Hand Grinder

2.  Kalita Pour Over

3. Hydro Flask

4.  Scale

5.  Panama La Mula roasted coffee beans





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