Sundried Natural by Argo Sons Coffee


One of our clients – Argo Sons Coffee – just sent us a sample of freshly roasted Yergacheffe Sundried Natural coffee and they asked our opinion about the roast profile. Roasting sundried natural coffee can be tricky due to various factors that are related to the drying process of the coffee cherries. The sugars of the fruit are partially absorbed into the cell structure of the bean and the dispersion of moisture during and after the drying process can cause challenges later on. Check out this video to learn more.

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  1. This is a wonder video for the coffee lovers who loves to drink coffee. I liked it and impressed. If coffee lovers watch the video, they can learn a good lesson from it and gain a process to make coffee at home or office. Hope, this content will help them for roasting coffee in a simple and right way you have done here.

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