Cupping Caravan Lands in Portland


ETHIOPIAN COFFEE PRODUCERS OCCUPY PORTLAND and present new harvest coffees to international buyers. The international specialty coffee community is gathered in Portland for the annual convention organized by the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Asociation of America). Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, is recognized by coffee specialists as one of the hallmark origins for the production of specialty coffee. In Ethiopia, more than one million families depend on the production of coffee beans. Specialty coffee represents at least 20% of the exports of Ethiopia. For the occasion of the SCAA convention, Ethiopian coffee producers and exporters are conducting coffee tasting sessions as part of an international “Cupping Caravan”. Coffee tasting sessions are conducted in a Cupping Caravan tent at Holladay Park in the heart of Portland. The objective is to showcase the unique flavors of Ethiopian coffee and to establish Direct Trade business opportunities for Ethiopian coffee farmers and producers. The Cupping Caravan is made possible with the financial support of the United States Agency of International Development (USAID) and with the assistance of the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI).

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