Coffee Review Awards La Mula 97 Points

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Coffee Review awards our maceration washed La Mula a record breaking 97 points!! This coffee left judges in Panama dazzled and our farm was expelled from their competition. Thanks to the roasting skills of JBC Coffee Roasters, La Mula is available for discerning consumers in the USA and beyond.

It doesn’t happen often, but even the best professional tasters become confused sometimes and this clearly happened with the extraordinary flavor of this washed La Mula, which was prepared in an experimental style by soaking the cherries prior to processing in order to allow the natural sugars of the coffee to develop.

Coffee Review provided the following flavor description: “Immense, sweet, juicy, intricate. Lilac and jasmine, peach, apricot, rosehip, much more in aroma and cup. A vibrant but unobtrusive acidity shimmers in the heart of the sweetness; mouthfeel is satiny, full, almost nectar-like. Flavor, particularly the crisper notes, carries deep into a sweet, peachy finish.”

Earlier this year, Ken Davids, founder of Coffee Review, referred to our coffee as “hallucinatory” so we can simply conclude this: HALLUCINATORY LA MULA STRIKES AGAIN!

About the Author:

Willem Boot
Lives coffee since his childhood. He is the owner of Boot Coffee, the organization which initiated this project. Willem is the proud owner of Finca La Mula, his Geisha coffee farm near the Boquete Valley of Panama.

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  1. marianne boot (mother) July 23, 2015 at 6:26 am - Reply

    wow! i’m so proud!

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