Willem’s September Coffee Adventure

In September 2019 Willem visited Panama and made trips our farms Finca Sophia, Finca La Mula, and our newest finca La Cabra. Come along on

¿Qué sigue para Panamá?

La mayoría de los profesionales del café están de acuerdo en que Panamá produce uno de los mejores cafés de este planeta. La famosa Panamá geisha continúa batiendo récords de calidad y precio.

What’s Next for Panama?

Most coffee professionals agree that Panama produces some of the finest coffee on this planet. The heralded Panama geisha continues to break quality and price records.

Boot Coffee Campus 2019 Scholarships

Boot Coffee Campus 2019 Tuition Scholarship Program Boot Coffee Campus, the premier educational coffee-training campus serving students from around the globe, announces its 2019 Scholarship

Coffee Roasting and Air Pressure Profiling

Coffee Roasting and Pressure Profiling  By Willem Boot What is Pressure Profiling? Many drum roasting machines share similar concepts in their design and function. Giesen

Research on Ethiopian Wild Forest Coffee

For centuries, communities in South and West Ethiopia have collected wild-growing forest coffee. It is estimated that more than 10% of Ethiopia’s coffee export originates

Specialty coffee roasting course


We are excited about the grand opening of our brand new SCAA certified training center and coffee laboratory on September 1, 2016. At Boot Coffee

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