Specialty coffee roasting course

We are excited about the grand opening of our brand new SCAA certified training center and coffee laboratory on September 1, 2016.

At Boot Coffee Campus we teach a great variety of courses, from the entire SCAA Pathway curriculum and the traditional Boot Coffee roasting courses, to SCAE Intermediate Roasting and the international  program taught in Panama and Ethiopia.

Lead trainers at Boot Coffee Campus are Willem Boot and Marcus Young, who have combined specialty coffee experience of more than 40 years. Both Willem and Marcus have extensive experience in the entire coffee supply chain, from coffee farming to direct trade buying to roasted coffee manufacturing. In addition, the campus features guest trainers like Alex LittleJohn, Jodi Wieser, Kees Kraakman and other experts in specific fields.

Review the comprehensive calendar of courses and come visit us!

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The coffee production chain
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