CQI Gender Initiative

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Gender & Coffee Production The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) launched an initiative to address the inequality between women and men at coffee farms and processing mills in coffee producing countries around the world. As I have observed so frequently; women often do the manual, hard labor at coffee farms and mills, while in many cases, men [...]

Traveling this Holiday Season? Brew in Style

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Traveling this Holiday Season? Brew in Style I don't know about you, but I have had one too many under-extracted, terrible coffees while on the road.  Even before I started working for Boot Coffee, I was traveling with my own coffee kit so that I could enjoy freshly brewed coffee that was properly extracted.  My [...]

Polar Bears and Coffee?

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Polar Bears and Coffee? Our roaring propellor plane landed softly in the white semi-frozen landscape of Churchill, Canada. I was about to start an epic journey with Dan Bolton (Stir Coffee Magazine) and John Horning (Incasa Coffee) to the sub-arctic terrain of the Hudson Bay, in the far north of Canada. My GPS showed 59 degrees latitude, [...]

Five Misconceptions About Cupping

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There is a standard roast profile for cupping. The SCAA standard roast degree for cupping coffee is Agtron 58 for whole bean and Agtron 63 for ground coffee and the roast should be done within 8-12 minutes. This “standard” leaves a lot of room for error. To cup coffee that has been roasted for 8 [...]

La Mula @ Let’s Talk Coffee in Panama

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Greetings from Panama! I attended the international conference “Let’s Talk Coffee” with more than 100 roasters and importers and at least 400 producers from around the world. This year’s event took place in my second home Panama. I had the honor to participate in a panel presentation about Geisha coffee with contributing experts like Dr. [...]

Can Coffee Really Change a Life?

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At Boot Coffee Consulting, we have the opportunity to work with a lot of coffee farmers and producers. The Boot Coffee Team is privileged to work with many governmental organizations and NGOs around the world to help improve, not only the quality of coffee, but the quality of life for the over 25 million individuals [...]

Connecting Farmers and Roasters – One Cupping At A Time

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Boot Coffee is passionate about creating globe-spanning connections, educational opportunities and excellence in coffee throughout the coffee supply chain. The company’s history of successfully implementing innovative marketing and economic development programs has now birthed the plan of an innovative results driven promotional program – the Coffee Cupping Caravan. Thousands of coffee professionals worldwide practice almost [...]

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JavaJog 2013 Funds Congo Women

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SMALL RESOURCES CAN MEAN BIG GAINS – JAVAJOG 2013 FUNDS CONGO WOMEN The colorful picture shows the cheering members of the women’s committee of Sopacdi, a cooperative in the Kivu region of Congo, which benefited from the proceeds of a "Javajog" fundraiser during the most recent SCAA conference in Boston. We’ve all heard the horrific [...]

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Finca La Mula Geisha Flowers

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Finca La Mula with beautiful Geisha Flowers My farm manager Kelly Hartmann called me half drunk and ecstatic during his visit to my farm in Panama. His picture tells a thousand words: the pollen infused atmosphere of La Mula combined with the jasmin perfumed ambiance of these geisha blossoms would make any of us feel [...]