JavaJog 2013 Funds Congo Women


The colorful picture shows the cheering members of the women’s committee of Sopacdi, a cooperative in the Kivu region of Congo, which benefited from the proceeds of a “Javajog” fundraiser during the most recent SCAA conference in Boston.

We’ve all heard the horrific accounts of ongoing fighting in the Congo. In late 2012, the Kivu region was again struck by violence, leaving communities reeling. Women once again bore the brunt of the brutality. Kivu is a coffee-producing region, and communities have been beginning to rebuild this sector, facing tremendous hardships in the process. International buyers are taking interest in the coffees, and coffee is providing the people with a connection to the outside world and a glimmer of hope for their future.

In April of 2013, I joined fifteen runners with the objective of supporting women coffee communities in Congo. Through the Founder’s Run of the Javajog for a Cause, we braved frigid wind and raised $7326 for the women’s committee at the Sopacdi cooperative in the Kivu region of Congo. Though a relatively small amount from our standards, the women have already invested the funds to make a difference in the lives of other women not only from the coffee cooperative, but more broadly for women impacted by the ongoing violence.

Fifty percent of the funds has been invested to implement specific income generating activities including small portable mills and a boat engine to provide transport services to the community.

runners javajog
-Ready to start our run on a chilly, freezing April morning-

Two mills introduced in one of the sectors are currently generating profits. These profits are recorded with the support of Sopacdi’s accountant and the funds are transferred to a microcredit and savings institution based in Minova. The other 50% of the funds has been donated to local health centers around Minova which regularly treat women affected by sexual violence. The future work of the women’s committee will include better defining their goals and objectives and building capacity at the board, committee and sector levels to be able to leverage the opportunities that arise. Laying a foundation for their long-term work is key. Sopacdi established its women’s committee in 2011 as a space for women to share ideas and discuss challenges they face. The committee is made up of 42 women who have been elected from each of the geographic sectors represented by the cooperative, with the scope of their objectives and work being for all women selling coffee to Sopacdi. Sopacdi has 1000 members from 8 sectors, and two female board members – proof of the changing culture even in this male dominated society. Forging these kinds of partnerships brings life to the coffee community.

motor purchased
-Motor for mill that was purchased with a part of the proceeds-

The race, held early one cold, windy morning in Boston, brought us together in solidarity with women in Congo whose lives on a daily basis are infinitely more harsh than the bitter winds we faced. To consider their courage as we braved the blistering winds was a clear wake up call – to understand, to advocate and to do more – together.

I am proud to say that my sponsors donated a total of $2,025 for this Javajog. They included: Norberto Suarez, Maura Harrington, Judy Ganes, Helen Russell, Rachel Samuel, Gavin Gam, Tracy Novick, Dana Liedel, Darryl Blunk, Spark Coffee, Karl Springinsfeld, Piper Jones, Emery Rowand, Larry Challain, Catherine Cadloni, Nathalie Gabbay, Jill Kauffman Johnson, Sarada Krishnan, Kimberly Navarro, Steve Klimczak, Andrew Barnett, Ken Liberman, Mary Cadloni, Lynelle Lawrence, Ruth Church

From the bottom of my heart, thank You for your help; It makes a real difference!

Best regards, Willem Boot

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