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The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Barista Course is a comprehensive program designed for coffee professionals and enthusiasts. Whether you're a café owner, barista, or simply a coffee lover, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to take your craft to the next level.

The SCA Barista Course covers the fundamentals of coffee preparation, including espresso extraction, milk texturing, and brewing methods. You'll learn about the various factors that influence coffee quality, such as the origin and processing of the beans, roast level, and brewing equipment. Through hands-on practice and interactive lectures, you'll gain a deep understanding of the science behind coffee and develop your palate to recognize different flavor profiles.

In addition to practical skills, the SCA Barista Course also covers the principles of customer service, including how to communicate effectively with customers and create a welcoming café environment. You'll also learn about the wider context of the coffee industry, including sustainability, traceability, and ethical sourcing practices.

Upon completion of the SCA Barista Course, you'll receive an official certificate from the SCA, recognizing your achievement and demonstrating your commitment to the highest standards of coffee preparation. Whether you're looking to advance your career in the coffee industry or simply want to deepen your appreciation for great coffee, the SCA Barista Course is an excellent investment in your future.


Perfect for beginners and requires no previous experience. The Foundation level provides a first taste of the Barista discipline and is a great way to get insight into the skills required of a barista including espresso preparation, steaming milk, and maintaining a clean bar. 

Students earn 5 points in the SCA Coffee Skills Program towards their Coffee Skills Diploma.


A 2 day intensive course that immerses you in a series of hands-on training exercises suitable for those working in the industry or seriously considering becoming a barista. Students with a firm knowledge of the basic skills learn about working efficiently behind the bar, pouring latte art, equipment maintenance, and mastering customer service skills. 

On the final day you will take the SCA Intermediate Barista Skills practical and written exams, and upon completion earn 10 points towards your SCA Coffee Skills Diploma.


The Professional level is suitable for students pursuing barista skills at the highest level. Extensive relevant experience is recommended before attempting this level. Candidates must hold the Intermediate qualification as a barista before attempting the professional level. 

Students completing Barista Skills Professional and passing the written and practical exams earn 25 points towards the SCA Coffee Skills Diploma.

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This fun day of coffee education provides students with a comprehensive overview of the entire supply chain of coffee; from the seed to the brewed cup and is the back. Includes plenty of coffee tasting of various species, processes, origins, roast degrees and more. The course starts on Mondays, day before the SCA Foundation courses.

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After this period you can reschedule or get a refund minus 20% free of the cost of the purchased course up to 14 days before the course when rescheduling or cancellations are not possible. 

The course will be at the BOOT COFFEE CAMPUS at 619 Lindaro Street, San Rafael, CA (just north of San Francisco).

Our courses typically begin at 9 am each morning and finish each day between 5 and 7 pm depending on the progress of students in each course.

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We provide 1h lunch break, light snacks and drinks through the duration of the course. Students are responsible to provide their own lunch.  through the duration of the course (Mon-Thu).