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Coffee Courses by Experts

We offer a wide variety of courses for coffee professionals around the world. Our courses are presented in the beautiful town of Mill Valley, CA (near San Francisco) and at training venues in Europe and Panama. All courses have a limited number of seats, which guarantees the students an intensive, personalized learning experience. Email us for tailor made programs for your company and for special pricing options if you send multiple employees to the same course.
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Roast Profiling & Cupping – RPC (3 days):
The perfect course for novices wanting to learn and explore the fundamental concepts of cupping techniques and roasting. We teach you a lot of protocols and you will perform a good number of exercises. Our most popular program; the personalized format lends itself really well for novices and for those wishing to deepen their knowledge.

Advanced Coffee Roasting – ACR (3 days):
The ACR course is a basically an extension of the RPC course; that’s why they are usually programmed back-to-back. Plenty of hands-on roasting exercises on different machines and a lot of cupping sessions. For this course it is preferred to have some coffee experience. If you’re a novice, you’ll enjoy a steep learning curve. Bring your roasted coffee samples so we can test these.

Boot Camp Live (5 days):
Our most intensive program, which combines the RPC and ACR courses in 5 days of super-practical learning. Included in the course, you start with the online course bootcampcoffee.com, which provides a lot of introductory knowledge. This program includes a large number of exercises involving cupping, roasting, quality protocols, quizzes and much more. Excellent for students who want to dive deep into the coffee craft.

Cupping & Roasting EU (3 days):
This program is presented at the training studio of our associate Kees Kraakman in Amsterdam. The program is similar to the RPC course with more hands-on exercises and a smaller group of students. The studio is located smack in the middle of this sizzling city. Kees is one of Europe’s most laid back coffee guru’s; with his intelligent charm you’ll be in for a wonderful learning experience.

Q Grader Training & Exam (6 days):
Join the growing army of certified Q graders and cuppers all around the world! The Q-certification course consists of 3 days of instruction, followed by 3 days of examination. Needless to say, this is the ultimate way to put yourself to the test. The Q program is internationally recognized and administered by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI). Courses are offered in California and Europe.

Grown in the USA (3 or 5 days):
Organized with our colleagues of Good Land Organics at their beautiful farm in Santa Barbara, which is the only operating coffee farm in the mainland of the USA! The course focuses on the entire quality chain from the tree to the roasted bean. We include lots of exercises involving processing and cupping.

Geisha Birdsong Panama (5 days):
Many students have come back from this course with a “wow” experience. Panama, birthplace of the Panamanian Geisha bean, has a stunning natural beauty and produces some of the world’s finest coffee qualities. The course has a strong focus on quality from the tree to the green bean. We usually get to harvest and process coffee too! The course is presented at the Hartmann coffee farm and at the farms owned by Willem Boot: award winning Finca La Mula and Finca Sophia, one of Central America’s highest coffee farm. [/modal]

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