Bean to bar chocolate making weekend - 2 Days

From roasting cacao to your first chocolate bar

Dive into the captivating world of bean-to-bar chocolate, an industry rich with philosophy, innovation, and a community passionate about the art of chocolate making. This comprehensive 2 day course, designed for enthusiasts and aspiring chocolatiers alike, offers an in-depth exploration of the bean-to-bar chocolate movement—a journey not just about taste, but about the entire process that turns a simple cacao bean into exquisite bars of chocolate.

Introduction to Bean-to-Bar: Discover the philosophy, people, and flavors that define the bean-to-bar movement. Understand what sets this artisanal process apart from conventional chocolate production.

Cacao Roasting: Leverage your coffee roasting skills or develop new ones as you learn how to apply them to cacao. Explore how different roasting profiles affect the flavor of the final product, using only high-quality cacao beans.

From Bean to Bar: Master each step of the chocolate-making process, including cracking, winnowing, refining, tempering, and molding. Gain hands-on experience with both DIY methods suitable for home chocolate makers and technologies applicable to small businesses.

Selecting and Sourcing Cacao: Learn how to choose the right cacao for your chocolate-making projects. Understand the importance of bean origin, variety, and characteristics in flavor development.

Refining and Tempering: Achieve smooth and glossy chocolate through refining and learn the art of tempering chocolate using the seed method.

Milk Chocolate Mastery: On the final day, delve into the complexities of making milk chocolate. Discover the nuances that make milk chocolate a serious and sophisticated choice for chocolate makers.

Hands-On Chocolate Making: Put your knowledge into practice as you create numerous chocolate bars to take home. Experience the joy and satisfaction of seeing your chocolate bars come to life.

This course is perfect for anyone passionate about chocolate, from hobbyists looking to refine their craft at home to entrepreneurs aiming to start or enhance their small chocolate-making businesses, bakers, chefs and innovators in the food industry. Whether you’re new to the world of chocolate or seeking to deepen your expertise, this course offers valuable insights and skills.

Embark on a path of discovery and creativity in the bean-to-bar chocolate world. With expert guidance, you’ll unlock the secrets of making exquisite chocolate from scratch, gaining not just knowledge and skills, but also a deeper appreciation for the craft. Join us on this delicious journey and transform your passion for chocolate into artful creations.

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Nov 23 - 24 2024
9:30 am - 2:00 pm


Boot Coffee Campus
619 Lindaro Street, San Rafael, CA


saturday - roasting cacao, winnowing

  • What is Bean to Bar Chocolate
  • Roasting theory
  • Roasting cacao for your first bars
  • Winnowing
  • Grinding 
  • Melanging (overnight)

sunday - tempering and making chocolate bars

  • The tempering theory
  • Tempering and moulding your first chocolate bar
  • What is out there?  tasting some bean to bar chocolate #3 – Inclusions
  • Packaging your chocolates
  • What just happened? – tasting your creations