Connecting Farmers and Roasters – One Cupping At A Time


Boot Coffee is passionate about creating globe-spanning connections, educational opportunities and excellence in coffee throughout the coffee supply chain. The company’s history of successfully implementing innovative marketing and economic development programs has now birthed the plan of an innovative results driven promotional program – the Coffee Cupping Caravan.

Thousands of coffee professionals worldwide practice almost daily a systematic evaluation method for assessing the quality of the coffee they buy and sell. This coffee tasting methodology is called “Cupping”.

The vision is to become the industry’s foremost platform for the facilitation of direct trade between specialty coffee producers and roasters around the world.

The mission of the Cupping Caravan is to establish producer-roaster relationships through an international program of cupping events. In producing countries, the Cupping Caravan aims at creating unique sourcing, education and networking opportunities for roasters by organizing cupping sessions together with the producers at the actual place of production.

In consuming countries, the Cupping Caravan will offer unparalleled possibilities for the marketing and promotion of directly traded specialty coffee lots to discerning coffee buyers. The innovative aspect of the Caravan (cupping coffee in the heart of a major urban area) creates numerous opportunities for education and for the planning of unique promotional events.

The Cupping Caravan alleviates the inefficiencies of the current coffee markets in three ways: (1) Communication gaps are greatly reduced, (2) Sellers find buyers and buyers find sellers, (2)Consumer demand is strengthened.

Find out more through the following video and email Willem for more questions.

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