July 27th, 2022

Q Grader Calibration


In order to keep all Q Graders cupping & evaluating coffee in a consistent manner, there is a mandatory calibration test that certified Q Graders must take every 3 years.

The objective of this exam is to calibrate a Q Grader with other Q Graders by testing with different coffee qualities as a reference.

Calibration testing is conducted for Q Graders to exhibit agreement on quality, maintenance of the Q Grading Protocols, and to review the Q Grader Code of Ethics.

Calibration is necessary to renew a Q Grader in good standing if their license is approaching the 36-month expiration. When Q Graders are not cupping frequently, and their taste acuity and attribute- scoring fall out of alignment, a Q Grader must be made inactive in the Q Grading service rotation unless they pass the Q Grader Calibration exam within the appropriate time frame.