Q-Grader Training & Exam



Q Grader Certification

Want to become a licensed Q grader? Take this highly intensive prep course followed by the challenging Q exam.

This course is a combination of training and exams. The first three days are intensive trainings and the last three days are exams. The trainings will cover all the exercises given during the exams, such as: sensory skills (sweet, sour, salt), triangulations, green coffee grading, olfactory, cuppings and much more. As with all the Boot Coffee courses, we allow for sufficient one-one-one interaction with the trainers.


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Course Outline

This 6-day training and exam is taught by certified Q instructor Trish Rothgeb. Each day will commence at 8:30 AM and will finish around 5:00 PM. The majority of the sixth day is reserved for taking retakes of tests as necessary. 


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