La Mula Reserve Natural Process Green 1 kg


The award winning La Mula coffee now available!


This lot has a beautifully crafted Geisha flavor with floral notes of honeysuckle, rose and a hint of jasmine. The sun-dried natural processing style of these La Mula beans enhances the complexity of this coffee without masking any of the subtle Geisha flavors. The natural environment of La Mula combined with the unique location justifies this natural sun-dried processing style. La Mula natural process coffees are harvested for optimum ripeness and dried during 22 to 27 days on specially constructed raised beds.

Tasting notes:
Aroma of passion fruit, honeysuckle and jasmine. Multi layered, lingering flavors of dried papaya, fig, damascus rose, jasmine infused caramel and black tea. Refreshing acidity of lime and grapefruit.

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