Scoring with the SCA Cupping Form eLearning Workshop

The SCA Cupping form can be intimidating. In this class we demystify the form and the process. You will learn how to approach each category on the form, gain an understanding of the relationship between intensity and scoring, and learn how cuppers and Q graders account for faults, taints, and defects while scoring coffee.

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During our three hour webinar students will learn about the SCA Cupping form and demystify the process by which Q Graders and others score and grade coffee. This is a perfect course for roasters, coffee producers, those planning to take the Q Grader exam, and others looking to advance their knowledge of this important aspect of specialty coffee.

Students will participate in a series of lectures, discussions, and hands-on exercises using the cupping form and other tools.

Topics Covered

  • Define each category on the form
  • Relationship between intensity and scoring
  • Handle faults, taints, and defects
  • Tricks for quickly tallying your scores
  • Cupping standards and protocols

What You Need

  • Bring your questions about cupping and scoring coffee.
  • A willingness to share and learn from other coffee professionals and coffee leaders in group discussions through our innovative eLearning platform.

How it Works

After registering, your instructor will send you an email with detailed instructions about getting setup with Zoom Conference and invite you to the WhatsApp or Slack group for your cohort of students.


The same email will contain digital downloads of the course handbook and any worksheets, spreadsheets, planning tools, and other materials.


On Day 1 of your course please be prepared to login to the eLearning session via Zoom 15 minutes prior to the start of the session.


At the specified start time our instructor will host the eLearning session covering topics relevant to that week’s hands-on assignments. These sessions are just like the lectures, discussions, and group assignments you may have experienced at other trainings – just remote.


You will work on the hands-on activities at our own facility. Because we are working remotely, it’s vital that you keep good notes and document your experiences.


Reconvene for the next eLearning session at the appointed time. We will review the hands-on activities, analyze the results as a group, and cover new materials in preparation for the next hands-on assignments.


During the course take advantage of one on one coaching sessions with your instructor.


When you complete the course you will receive a certificate of completion, an invitation to join the Boot Coffee Campus Alumni page on Facebook, and are eligible for discounts on future and Boot Coffee Campus courses.