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Kees Kraakman – Our European Consultant and Trainer

Kees Kraakman
Kees KraakmanEuropean Trainer
Kees Kraakman is one of Europe’s top-experts in coffee roasting techniques and profiles. Kees has more than 15 years experience in the coffee industry. As a master roaster, he worked for more than 8 years with Boot Koffie in the Netherlands and as a consultant he has worked with more than 100 companies throughout Europe. Here are the services Kees can provide as a consultant and trainer for your company:

  • Roasting business startup and expansion
  • Creating and refining roasting profiles
  • Training your staff in roasting techniques and quality protocols
  • Developing espresso blends
  • Green coffee purchasing and sourcing
  • Quality review of flavor profiles

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In this video Kees talks about his experience retailing and distributing specialty coffee; valuable knowledge for anyone starting to work in this exciting industry. Learn how you can establish a viable business by creating unique coffee experiences on a limited budget but with plenty of passion.