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View recordings of previous webinars hosted by Willem Boot and Marcus Young with industry experts covering a wide variety of topics.


Traceable, High-Quality Coffees from Java with BeLift Coffee

Learn about BeLift Green Coffee’s unique fully traceable, high-quality Java Coffees. Hear a report on the short and long-term outlook from Java and the region from BeLift’s Java based team and The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia. Belift is on a mission to bring traceable, affordable specialty green coffee from Java, Indonesia to roasters and importers in the US.

Pivoting Business During Covid19

Discussion of how two coffee companies launched just before Covid19 and have managed to pivot and build their business. We will hear from the owners of Pink Owl Coffee, a cafe in San Rafael, CA and also from 502 Imports who import coffee from their family farms in Guatemala.

Consumer Branding and Promotion

A discussion of branding and eCommerce. Our guests are Eli Altman the creative director for A Hundred Monkeys and Jen Apodaca the roaster and founder of Mother Tongue Coffee and #ShesTheRoaster, and vice chair of the Coffee Roaster’s Guild.


Coffee for Peace

An update on Coffee for Peace from buyers with Trabocca and Jaime Duque who is working on the ground in Colombia. The Producers to Markets Alliance Program funded by USAID promotes sustainable development for coffee farmers affected by violence in Colombia through an innovative platform created with the National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC) through the production and sale of specialty coffee. The production of specialty coffee can be an effective income generating alternative to illicit crop production.

Subscription Services & Reaching Customers at Home

Learn from experts in coffee subscription services about techniques to boost direct to consumer sales. Join Boot Coffee, Erika Vonie (formerly of Trade), and Michael Molcan from Standart for tips or tricks for roasters navigating subscription services.

Meet the Producers – Aman Adinew and Patrick Murray

Join Boot Coffee to “Meet the Producer”. We are hosting Aman Adinew of METAD in Ethiopia and Patrick Murray from Finca Majahual in El Salvador. Each will share an overview of their farms, discuss their business philosophy and how it integrates with sustainability, their initiatives for training and supporting employees and seasonal staff, and share initiatives for maintaining high quality.



Investing In and Empowering Coffee Farmers

A strong relationship between producers and roasters is more important now than ever. Hear from Bellwether’s Grayson Caldwell and Sustainable Grower’s Joseph Mutabazi about Tip the Farmer and Premium Sharing Rewards, two innovative approaches to ensure farmers earn a fair and living wage.



Building eCommerce Through the Pursuit of Quality.

Mokhtar Alkhanshali from Port of Mokha, Andrew Barnett from Linea Coffee, and Valerian Hrala from Green Plantation discuss how each have built their e-commerce platforms through the pursuit of quality and authentic connections to their customers.


Micro mills, quality improvement, & market access in Ethiopia.

Willem Boot and Ansha Yassin of CoQua Consulting discuss efforts in Ethiopia to improve quality and market access through an innovative micro mill model.


Importers and Exporters respond to changing supplier and buyer conditions.

Coffee importers and exporters share how they are responding and managing supplier relationships, what they are hearing from their roasting company clients, and what advice they have for producers over the coming months.



How are roasting companies managing, pivoting, innovating, and adapting during this pandemic?

In this webinar we hosts guests from a variety of roasting companies and from Cropster to discuss how they are adapting their business models, managing green coffee inventory and positions, communicating with suppliers, and other realistic and constructive approaches to business during a global pandemic topics.



COVID-19 and the Impact on Specialty Coffee

Coffee experts in roasting / retailing, coffee trade, and coffee farming discuss the new realities for Specialty Coffee in the face of a Covid-19 pandemic. While none of us have the answers, we identify critical questions we are all asking during this pandemic.