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Gesha Village - 21 Green Coffee Sample Kit


21 samples GREEN Gesha Village coffee samples | 125g (4.4oz) / sample 
The 21 sample Gesha Village kit offers an opportunity to taste the top lots from Gesha Village Estate’s 2020-2021 harvest. There is a mix of washed, honey, and natural processed samples. For the home enthusiast or professional, this sample kit creates a wonderful and unique experience with very precious coffees. Price includes the cost for shipping from Ethiopia.
Gesha Village is known for producing one of the best cup profiles in the world. In doing so, the Meanit people, local inhabitants and protectors of Gesha, thrive. After years of persistent exploration, Adam Overton and Rachel Samuel found their ideal patch of land in the Bench Maji zone, hosting the perfect conditions for the cultivation of Gesha. Their mission: bring Gesha coffee home.‘Today the Meanit are our partners. This is their coffee’ – Adam Overton, Gesha Village Coffee Estate.


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