The CQI Q Processing Program seeks to create protocols in process that can be trusted throughout the supply chain. Through certification, students gain competencies in coffee processing through a scientific and technical approach with the goal of improved quality, standardized procedures, and reduced. As students complete the program, they are able to add value through differentiating coffee through processing techniques.



Program Goals:

  • Develop core competencies in coffee processing for professionals throughout the supply chain.
  • Consistently improve quality and reduce risk through improved understanding of the science of coffee processing.
  • Develop quality control systems so that program participants can develop best practices in their specific and unique contexts.
  • Provide students with knowledge, skills, and tools to improve their competitiveness in the market.
  • Develop a network of trusted and skilled professionals in coffee processing.

Develop the specialty coffee industry so that coffee professionals have an informed and scientifically founded basis of understanding in coffee processing, and are prepared to communicate about coffee processing throughout the coffee supply chain.

Professional coffee processors (mill managers, owners, and others) develop the skills to streamline product consistency, innovate to improve quality, and manipulate coffee flavor in a controlled and predictable way to add value to their products.

Coffee Processing Generalist (Level 1)
This is a comprehensive 2-day course suitable for coffee buyers, roasters, baristas, retailers, and others on the consuming side of coffee. This is also a prerequisite for more advanced levels.

The Generalist (level 1) Coffee Processing program provides students with the core biological principles of, and the intricacies and challenges of safely and consistently processing quality coffee.

This course focuses on standardizing vocabulary around coffee processing and describing the scientific fundamentals behind coffee processing best practices. In this course students will analyze and interpret several myths about processing that have become commonplace in the industry. Ultimately, through Coffee Processing Level 1, students will become part of a new generation of informed coffee buyers, roasters, baristas, and retailers. Students will be informed to know which questions to ask about their coffees and develop a deeper understanding of the complexities of coffee processing.

The Level 1 Generalist Course Contents include:

  • Coffee Processing History
  • Coffee Anatomy, Focusing On The Fruit
  • CQI’s Anatomy-Based Coffee Processing Method Classification
  • Myth-Busting Of Commonly Held Assumptions And Stereotypes Of
  • Processing Styles
  • Comparative Cuppings, Emphasizing Processing Nuances
  • Biology Of Fermentation And How This Applies In Coffee Processing
  • Coffee Drying, Focusing On Water In A Seed And How It Is Removed
  • Challenges And The Future Of Coffee Processing
Your instructor for this course is Yimara Martinez Agudelo
Yimara Martinez is from a small town called Tunía in the state of Cauca in Colombia. She is the daughter of small coffee producers and entire life she has been surrounded by coffee and the people who produce it. Yimara Martínez works as a Quality Control Specialist and oversees the Portland cupping laboratory of Sustainable Harvest®. She is a certified Q Arabica Grader and is an instructor of the CQI processing program. She previously served as a lead cupper in the Federation Campesina of Cauca in Colombia, an exceptional cooperative. She brings the immense knowledge of cupping and processing, thanks to her education as a daughter of coffee producers and for her work in coffee regions. She originally helped develop the CQI processing processing program as a volunteer.

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