LAST UPDATE: 8/11/2021

keeping our students and ourselves safe

keeping our students safe

At this point our campus remains open and we conduct courses as usual, but our primary goal is to keep you safe, and therefore here are our new improvements and rules of our campus.

Vaccination or covid 19 test

All our trainers, employees and volunteers are fully vaccinated.

From the beginning of the summer, this became a requirement to work at Boot Coffee.

From all our students we require proof of vaccination – You can use Common app, Clear app or provide your vaccination card. ONLY VACCINES APPROVED IN THE USA (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J) can be accepted at this time.


If you are not vaccinated, you will need to provide a PCR or an antigen test taken no later than 48 hours–or, for a PCR test–72 hours before the course begins.


Covid 19 Testing every Three Days

The cost of this testing is on us

All participants and trainers regardless of their vaccination status will be tested every 3 days before entering the campus.

These are easy to administer self-tests with results in 15 min.

Mask icon for website, application, printing, document, poster design, etc.

masked when indoors

Please bring KN95, KF94 masks, or equivalents. No cloth masks, please. Make sure the mask covers your face fully (nose, mouth) and there are no gaps.

In the case you forget, or do not have access to these masks, Boot Coffee is happy to provide you with one.

Outdoors Cupping

The cupping will be done outside under canopy tents; please bring hats or other sun protection. We do not recommend sunscreen due to its fragrance, which can influence your and other students’ abilities to taste and smell coffee.

If a group is small, indoor coffee cupping may be possible.

COVID 19 Cupping Protocol

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Boot Coffee is using the COVID 19 cupping protocol.

This protocol makes sure that there is no contact of body fluids with the tasting liquid at any time during the cupping. 

air, pollution, purifier, Electrical, fresh

medical-grade air purifiers

We installed new HEPA-13 medical-grade air purifiers in our lab.

They recycle the complete volume of air of our lab in 20-25min.

We also run our air condition equipped with filtration and if the weather permits (most o the year in California) we have open doors for extra ventilation.

other precautions

You will have an assigned seat, please make sure this area is only yours.

Individual hand sanitizer will be distributed.

Do you have another idea how to improve our safety?

Please let us know!


    What if you purchased the course and you test positive for Covid?

    You will not be able to attend the course, but together we will find an alternative date for the course.  We will make sure that your course will happen once you recover.

    Do these precautions protect me from COVID 19?

    While we will do everything in our powers to protect our students, things might happen. We will require you to sign a COVID 19 waiver.

    We hope these new rules of conduct at our campus will help keep you safe during your time with us.

    Isn't testing every two days an overkill?

    No. We feel this is the best way to minimize the risk of Covid 19 at our campus. 

    When there is no infection, there is no spread. 

    We are 100% committed to keep you safe. 

    The cost is un us.

    Is Lunch Included?

    Yes, we provide grab and go lunch and light snacks through the duration of the course (Mon-Thu).

    The lunch is individually packed, no sharing. 

    NEW: Keeping Our Students Safe 
    Our primary goal is keep our students and our team safe. Our new mesures will create safer enviroment for your coffee education.